Heroes of the movie Winter will not be staged a march in support of Putin

Oct 30, 11 Heroes of the movie Winter will not be staged a march in support of Putin

In Bishkek, a march in support of the Prime Minister, a candidate for president of Russia Vladimir Putin, according to K-News. According to the information resource Chalkan.kg its members staged a National Academy of spirituality, known for my video titled Winter is not.

The action was reportedly attended by 30-40 people. They carried portraits of the Russian prime minister and posters with slogans such as Russians, take care of Vladimir and The Great Vladimir saving and saving the world. During the rally participants chanted the slogan Putin kelsin (translated into Russian – Putin, come).

Video posted Chalkan.kg site. Recording is also available on YouTube.

Commenting on the campaign, a member of the National Academy of spirituality expressed the opinion that Putin needs the whole world and asked the Russian opposition, to avoid interference with Putin. He also stressed that National Academy does not fulfill one's political order, and that it had organized a march of their own money. It is important the fate of all mankind, not some political game – added the activist.

Meanwhile, the video, released Chalkan.kg, seen as close to the participants of the procession there are three people in the costumes of cardboard boxes (with fake photos of the presidents of the United States, France and Russia). These people are portrayed, bio-robots (bio-robots National Academy formerly called all the world leaders), and called for the resignation of presidents. The record can be seen from the third minute.

Was the statement biorotobotov organizers planned to march, it is not clear. Resource Kloop.kg believes that people in costumes joined the campaign to its zatrollit.

National Academy of spirituality, which includes the former presidential candidate Kyrgyzstan Arstanbek Abdyldayev, recently held several press conferences. Record one of them, in December, was posted on YouTube under the title Winter is not and became a hit – has collected more than 800,000 hits. The term Winter will not be pronounced Abdyldaeva (former presidential candidate, predicted that Winter will not be flooding in the West) has become meme.

Members of the People's Academy of spirituality claim that the world faces a global change that in 2012 in the mind of man will quantum leap and that many people at the same time risk losing the soul (the rest, however, have a chance to become superhuman.) However, they believe that Russia, headed by Putin will lead to the salvation of all living things on earth.

The words Winter is not, as explained by the representative of the union, Alexander Park, are the energy-charged from the informational message Arstan Scarlet (a spiritual name Arstanbek Abdyldaeva). Through this code, a person will super-consciousness, he becomes Superman, and then be able to control nature, disasters, formation of stars and galaxies, – said Pak.