The number of prisoners in their mouths zashivshih Kyrgyzstan has exceeded one thousand

Nov 01, 11 The number of prisoners in their mouths zashivshih Kyrgyzstan has exceeded one thousand

In Kyrgyzstan, the number of prisoners zashivshih their mouths in protest, has already exceeded one thousand. On this, as the K-News, said at the State Penitentiary Service.

According to the Ministry on the evening of January 24, 1090 share support for people in seven colonies and three jail. Most zashivshih mouths of prisoners – in Bishkek prison number 1, where riots have occurred recently.

As previously reported, the convicts sewed their mouths (the morning of January 24 reported that the action was attended by several hundred people) to protest against what is happening in that prison-1. They are unhappy with the recent harsh suppression of rebellion, as well as some of the orders in the facility. Last week in Kyrgyz prisons and detention centers in this regard, a mass hunger strike.

Meanwhile, relatives of prisoners claim that the action of sewing their mouths was a response to the statement GSIN representative, who said that the participants in the hunger strike eat food brought from their gear. According to relatives, according to AKI, the prisoners decided to prove to authorities that he really did not eat.

As previously reported, on January 16 in prison, a riot took place. The discontent of the inhabitants of the insulator caused searches in the cells. According to another version, which launched in GSIN, there was a riot in protest against the impending crime boss escorting Damir Saparbekova (Saparbekov recently was sentenced to three years in prison for extortion, in connection with the organized his transfer from prison-a).

To quell the unrest has been involved special forces. According to the Ombudsman of Kyrgyzstan Tursunbek Acuna, prison inmates were severely beaten. One of them died. In GSIN, however, claim that he did not die from the beating, and the drug poisoning.

One of the requirements then began a hunger strike in prison, reportedly, was the restoration in jail, a so-called open chamber for the crime bosses. Previously, as noted above, the camera, which contained Polozhentsev is not closed: the inhabitants were free to travel throughout the facility.

Guide GSIN in response stated that in the wake of authorities, which organizers believe the current office stock will not go. Head GSIN Sheishenbek Baizakov said that if you want to feed the starving prisoners are forced to.

Meanwhile, as reported by, in Bishkek prison also require the resignation of Chief GSIN. The last confirmed this information, while stating that the political requirement is not welcome in the prison subculture. They can not go against the 'Dad', that is me, because I am called upon to defend their rights, – explained Baizakov.

In Kyrgyzstan prisons are often acts of disobedience. In 2008 the colonies, a series of riots, during which two officers were killed by security forces. After that, have lost their jobs and the Chief Minister of Justice GSIN.