In Kyrgyzstan, they put the rebel tycoon

Nov 03, 11 In Kyrgyzstan, they put the rebel tycoon

In Kyrgyzstan, convicted businessman Urmat Baryktabasov and his supporters, who last year organized a march on Bishkek. It is reported by AKI. Baryktabasov received four years in prison, several of his associates were sentenced to terms ranging from three to ten years.

Defendants in the case were accused of trying to overthrow the government and other crimes: illegal possession of weapons, hooliganism and violence against police officers. However, on the part of seize power of the court eventually acquitted. This decision was taken due to procedural violations committed consequence (due to the fact that the recording of telephone conversations of the accused, appeared in the case as evidence, were made without prior court approval).

Baryktabasov was eventually found guilty only on the article about the illegal possession and transportation of weapons. He himself, as reported by, the allegations against him dismissed.

Urmat Baryktabasov in the past engaged in supply of petroleum products from Russia and Kazakhstan to Kyrgyzstan. According to local press, already in 1991 he officially became a dollar millionaire. Shortly before the Tulip Revolution in 2005 founded a political movement, the oligarch, the opposition against the then president Askar Akayev.

Shortly after the overthrow of Akayev Baryktabasov tried to run for president. When he was refused registration (due to the presence of citizenship), fellow businessman took over the government building. Then the rebels dispersed, and the tycoon had left the country.

The events that have become the basis for the trial took place in early August 2010. Baryktabasov, who returned to Kyrgyzstan at the height of the June riots, decided to organize in Bishkek kurultai (national gathering) – ostensibly to discuss the situation in the country. On the night of August 5, in the capital began to shrink oligarch supporters. At the rally, which took place the next day, they began to demand the resignation of the government and shouting nationalist slogans.

On the day kurultai (August 5) with the homeland Baryktabasov (from the Issyk-Kul region) moved convoy, which was still a large group of supporters of a businessman (with them, reportedly drove himself an entrepreneur). The Kyrgyz authorities have received information that these people were taken to the capital of the weapon. In connection with this convoy was stopped at the entrance to the Bishkek.

Supporters tycoon refused to submit to law enforcement officers and tried to break through the cordon. Baryktabasov himself, as reported in the leadership of Kyrgyzstan, demanded to be appointed to head the government.

As a result, the crowd gathered at the roadblock, dispersed (fighters security forces used tear gas, stun grenades and rubber bullets). Baryktabasov, together with some colleagues had been arrested.

The Kyrgyz authorities then announced that the oligarch and his entourage set out to organize a coup. According to the interim president Otunbayeva, all members of the provisional government (which governed the country since the April 2010 coup), the rebels were planning to eliminate.