In Kyrgyzstan, the Russian TV channels suspend retransmission

Nov 06, 11 In Kyrgyzstan, the Russian TV channels suspend retransmission

In the coming days, cable TV operators in Kyrgyzstan suspend retransmission of two Russian television channels – First Channel and Russia. It is reported IA Fergana. Take such a step operators are forced by the exigencies of the electoral legislation of the Republic.

According to the agency, the question for the rest of the Russian (and generally foreign) television channels have not yet been resolved. Meanwhile, K-News reports that the operators have to stop retransmission of foreign channels in their own air (names of specific channels, which will extend this measure, the source did not mention).

Requirements on the relay of foreign TV channels contained in the law On elections of President and deputies Kyrgyzskoy Republic, which was adopted last summer. One of the articles, as the agency prohibits the carrying on agitation (for candidates for the Kyrgyz elections) in the foreign media. Is also forbidden to retransmit foreign television and radio programs, which tarnished the honor and dignity of the candidates mentioned. In this regard, the law requires that during the election period relay of foreign radio and television programs made in writing.

In practice, the agency said, the scheme would have to work like this: the staff of TV viewing and record broadcast TV and if they find no relevant legislation information, give the material broadcast in Kyrgyzstan.

However, local cable operators argue that work in such conditions they can not. First, we do not have the equipment for recording and editing programs. Secondly, we have no qualified staff to monitor the content, – said the director of Al TV Vasily Goncharov. In addition, he said, the agreements with foreign TV channels do not allow to change the TV signal.

Under the new rules, operators should work with the 25 September (the day in Kyrgyzstan in connection with the upcoming presidential election campaign officially begins the period for candidates). However, not being able to work under the new rules, they decided to suspend the retransmission of all.

Company filed a complaint with the Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court (it replaces in the Kyrgyz Constitutional Court abolished after the coup last year). According to operators, the new rules actually require them to engage in censorship. It is possible for these elections, we do not have time to answer the petition, but the public should be aware that we do not agree to this provision, – said the head of the Association of operators of Kyrgyzstan Jyrgalbek Kasimov.

According to K-News, relaying foreign channels in Kyrgyzstan will be suspended until the presidential election (October 30).

Restrictions on broadcasts of foreign television channels have been introduced on the initiative of the leader of the opposition party Ata-Meken (Fatherland) Omurbek Tekebayev. Earlier, before the elections to the parliament of Kyrgyzstan (they were held in autumn 2010), on the NTV channel aired a small plot grazing leader Ata-Meken. In the program Emergency showcased a video about the intimate relationship of man, like the Tekebayev, and a certain young woman. In Kyrgyzstan, this video was shown several years ago.