In the case of Kyrgyzstan’s largest mobile operator, detained three

Nov 08, 11 In the case of Kyrgyzstan’s largest mobile operator, detained three

In the investigation of abuses in the company Alfa Telecom (Kyrgyzstan's largest mobile operator, which operates under the brand MegaCom), arrested three people. It is reported Tazabek with reference to the State Committee of National Security.

Detained general manager Azamat Murzaliev (formerly of him came conflicting information: some sources reported that he had been detained, while others – that it is free), his advisor Almazbek Abekov and director of New building service Aman uulu Kenzhebek.

According to the National Security Committee in the course of checking the Alfa Telecom have been identified theft and scheme to withdraw funds from the company. As a result, the government (which controls the company) have been damaged for a total of 142 million soms (about three million dollars). It was found that representatives of the Alfa Telecom, sent large sums of money to purchase goods at inflated prices and services without the need for production, including the use of forged financial documents. Learn more about cheap hot tubs.

The said company Brand new service, as reported referring to the deputy chairman of the National Security Committee Bektena Sydygalieva is affiliated to the head of Alfa Telecom (apparently meaning Murzaliev). Through the New building service delivered at a higher cost of equipment and office equipment.

A criminal case under articles of the abuse of authority, Embezzlement, Forgery and Fraud.

The company Alfa Telecom was founded on the basis of the LLC BiMoCom, which is owned by an investment company with Russian capital Penwell Business Limited. Under the previous leadership of Kyrgyzstan to the mobile operator was interested in the president's son Maxim Bakiev republic. After a series of operations BiMoCom bankrupted, and its assets were transferred to the new company Alfa Telecom. She regarded it as Penwell raider seizure and attempted to assert their rights in court. It has ensured that its rights have been confirmed by 51-percent stake in the BiMoCom, as well as a property complex, converted to Alfa Telecom.

Meanwhile, after another revolution that took place in Kyrgyzstan in 2010, the conflict escalated around the mobile operator. The new government nationalized the proportion of Alfa Telecom at 49 percent, saying it was controlled by representatives of the deposed mode (on the same basis were nationalized and other assets). The remainder of the shares has been arrested. Later, Kyrgyz MPs recommended that the government to initiate the seizure of 100 percent of shares in state revenue.

Revolutionary government of Kyrgyzstan made a change in leadership of the company. Director General of Alfa Telecom, a Russian citizen Andrei Silich removed from the leadership, accusing him of money laundering. In his place was appointed Murzaliev Azamat (up to this for some time he was outside the control of the company). notes that the post Murzaliev was appointed under the patronage of one of the representatives of the country's leadership Omurbek Babanov (he currently holds the post of prime minister of Kyrgyzstan). Of the Kyrgyz opposition Babanov accused of extorting money from Russian investor MegaCom. Claims against the official support and the State Duma of the Russian Federation, who spoke in defense of the Russian investor. However, an official of the accusations against Babanov not received.