Kyrgyz MPs have decided to fully nationalize the MegaCom

Nov 13, 11 Kyrgyz MPs have decided to fully nationalize the MegaCom

In Kyrgyzstan, Parliamentary Group for the Study of the situation surrounding the country's largest mobile operator (the company Alfa Telecom operating under the brand MegaCom) completed its work and submitted recommendations to the government and the prosecutor's office. It is reported by news agency

Deputies said that the Attorney General should initiate a forfeiture of 100 percent stake in CJSC Alfa Telecom 'in state revenue.

After this, the deputies believed, the authorities should take steps to identify the real owner of the company and to conclude an investment agreement with him.

The company Alfa Telecom was founded on the basis of the LLC BiMoCom, which is owned by an investment company with Russian capital Penwell Business Limited. Under the previous leadership of Kyrgyzstan to the mobile operator was interested in the president's son Maxim Bakiev republic. First, how to write Fergana, which is close to it offshore company Forntek Enterprises has a stake in mobile operator (49 per cent stake), and then captured and the rest. After this BiMoCom bankrupted, and its assets were transferred to the new company Alfa Telecom. Learn more about the best and cheap car insurance just now!

Russian investor to the court. In his favor was rendered several court decisions, which is recognized as the legal owner of Penwell 51 percent of the shares BiMoCom In addition, investor's rights have been confirmed in the property complex of the cellular operator, converted to Alfa Telecom.

After last year's coup in Kyrgyzstan conflict escalated around the mobile operator. The new government nationalized the share of 49 percent, saying it was controlled by the representative of the overthrown mode (on this basis in Kyrgyzstan after the rebellion had been nationalized and other assets). The remainder of the shares has been arrested.

In February 2011 a parliamentary commission found that the right to a share of 51 per cent owned by MegaCom Penwell. However, the shares of Russian investors have not returned. The Ministry of State Property of Kyrgyzstan have begun to argue that the state owns 100 percent of the shares.

Against these claims the Kyrgyz authorities have made a change in leadership Alfa Telecom. They brought to the director of the company, a Russian citizen Andrei Silich criminal case (it was reported that he was accused of money laundering), then Silich was removed from leadership. Later, however, the general prosecutor's office closed the case. At the same time it was announced that irregularities Murzalievym Azamat (temporary head of the company, which appointed the Kyrgyz authorities to place Silich). Prosecutor's office opened on him two criminal cases.

In MegaCom scandal was involved and the First Vice Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan, the leader of one of the ruling parties of the Republic Omurbek Babanov. In the press there were rumors that the government representative extorted from Russian investors $ 50 million. Claims against Babanov supported the Russian State Duma deputies, who spoke in defense of the Russian investor.

Deputy Prime Minister himself all the allegations against him dismissed. Attorney General of the Republic Kubatbek Baibolov, investigating a case of extortion, was dismissed (the official version, this was done to avoid conflict of interest associated with Alfa Telecom). Even after the dismissal Baibolov made in Parliament, saying that the subordinate was engaged in extortion Babanov – Director of the Fund's management of nationalized property Dair Kenekeev.

Meanwhile, the scandal has also affected Babanov. Several parliamentary factions in the parliament of Kyrgyzstan stated that the question put to a vote of no confidence deputy prime minister. After that, Babanov announced that temporarily puts off his powers. According to the Fergana, such a decision was largely dictated by the position of Moscow and dissatisfied with the actions of Kyrgyz authorities towards the Russian investor.