Dec 01, 11 Seismicity

The territory of Kyrgyzstan is one of the most active in the seismically regions on the planet, where the place that take place go (up to 1,500 tremors a year) and will be an earthquake occurs dit of varying strength (from mild to catastrophic.) High seismic activity due to tectonic processes owls and complex geological and tectonic setting. Information about the ancient strong earthquake seniyah to-rye occurred in the Ten-ir Too, presented in the form seysmogravita tional paleoform (falls, failures, landslides, debris, etc.). They are found throughout the Marketplace di Kyrgyzstan. In the historical memory of any action of the first information about catastrophic disaster are the days when the valley of the Chon-Kemin was completely destroyed the ancient city of (name of the to-cerned unknown). More definiteness data refer to the end of the 18th century (in 1770 near the village of Belovodskoe was filled with a lake) and the beginning of the next century (in 1807 in the district of Almaty there was a terrible catastrophe in F, the echoes of a swarm descended to Kyrgyzstan) . The detailed, systematic information on land earthquake begins with a description of the disaster Belovodskoe 1885 (9-10). As a result of this earthquake were completely destroyed HN Belovodskoe village, Kara-Balta, on the slopes of the ridge were Kyrgyzskogo avalanches, landslides and debris, in the foothills of a crack length of 20 km, Noah, a width of up to 2 m in Bishkek, Sokuluk, Chaldybare where feeling the power of an earthquake moose 7-8, dilapidated houses have been destroyed, damaged many buildings. In 1911 in Northern Tenir Too there was still an enormous catastrophe smicheskaya (Kemin earthquake of 11.10 points), due to-cerned killed more than 1,500 people., Destroyed villages in the valley of the Chon-Kemin and sat down. Lake Issyk-Cal. The length of the zone of large solutions violate the earth's surface (cracks, rock falls, landslides, etc.) has reached 250 km. In June 1938 an earthquake with a force pushes up 8 points, with its epicenter near the station, a yellow Aryk (eastern extremity of the Chu basin). 9-10 Chatkal earthquake of 1946 lo Embrace a huge territory. In the towns south of Kyr gyzstana and neighboring states (Osh, Jalal-Abad, Anzhiyaie, Tashkent), severely damaged many buildings and houses. In the pile unless ling have been transformed villages, located in the epicentral area (length up to 100 km. Width of 15-20 km), in the valleys and foothills of p-tries have been significant falls, failures. About tkrylis large cracks, some of Sary-Chelek was blocked by rubble. Chatkal zemlet ryasenie caused a lot of aftershocks (with the subsequent month after the main shock, there were registered more than 230). In 1970, in the east. part of the Issyk-Kelskoy depression was 8.9 point Sarykamysh earthquake. The size of the source and the energy released, it is the largest on the northern. Tes slopes of Ala-kei. The zone of maximum shock (20×10 km2) covered several villages, where the construct was given or partially destroyed many homes Ms lye. In the mountains there were massive avalanches, landslides and rockfalls. In 1978 there was Tup skoe earthquake, the intensity of epi-cerned in the center has reached 8-9. Were damaged or destroyed more than 50 settlements Tup skogo district. In parts of the ridge privodorazdelnyh Kungey Ala-wide fixed vitie times smaller in terms of mass collapses, landslides, rock falls and cracks in the rock GOVERNMENTAL soils. In 1977 in the Batken district of Osh region (part of the Fergana yugo-vost. tion of the valley) was 9.8-point ground shaking to-Roe was felt in large parts of Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan, as well as in the south-west. p-tries of Kazakhstan. Maximum tremor was manifested between the rivers, and Isaiah Cox lamp, which had been destroyed us. points (more than 8 villages). The same forces (8-9) earthquakes tion occurred in the south: west. part of the Alai WPA Dina, it is marked as Daroot-Korgon. In the epicentral area outside major population centers were not included, but completely destroyed the house and sewed shepherd adobe corrals for cattle, there were casualties. In May 1992, in southern Kyrgyzstan was Kochkor-Ata earthquake (7-8 points). Epicentral area extended up to 40 km in length and 5-7 km wide. Were destroyed Kochkor-Ata and the surrounding villages, there was a gathering of landslides.

One of the strongest earthquakes in recent years – Suusamyr (August 1992), a lo-Roe Embrace the territory of the Kazakh steppes to the North of the Pamirs in the south. The zone of maximum tare tions covered the south. and sat. Suusamyr slopes of the ridge, Suusamyr, Aramzinskuyu, Ketmen-Tebenkuyu and Talas basin. It hit the limits of all the settlements, they were destroyed by 60-80%. Avalanches and landslides in the mountains led to the loss of life and a lot of numerical loss of livestock. Significant damage inflicted element road Bish cake – Osh. In January 1997, in the mountains-Jaman Dawan Naryn fixed point 7-7.5 earthquake to-Roe was felt throughout the ter ritories of North Tenir Too.

Over the past 100 years in Kyr camp there were many catastrophic earthquakes that destroyed villages and towns that have claimed thousands of lives. Predotv ratit earthquake no one has, but the ability to repeatedly reduce the inevitable loss of a nye. Decisive role in this play activities that provide seismic resistance of buildings housing and industrial use. They are based on the seismic zoning map to correspond to the action-rye as a regulatory document in the construction.

The first such map was drawn up in Kyrgyzstan in 1964. However, it was based on the comparison relatively limited material, which reduced the reliability of seismic hazard maps of the data. In 1979 the Institute of Seismology, National Academy of Sciences published a map of the camp Kyr seismic zoning of the republic, made up on the scale 1:250,000 tabe. On this map were marked not only the effects caused by earthquakes in E have already passed, but the location and strength of future earthquakes, their probable Stand toryaemost. A series of works that reflect the results you are to develop scientific research and Me todicheskih framework for assessing the degree of seismic hazard in the past 15 years, as well as construction companies' needs in obtaining seismic zoning map of larger scale tion led to the need to create a new map scale 1:1,000,000 to -Paradise was compiled in 1995 (published in 1996). On this car are the three types of zones allocated to the initial intensity: 1) zone with the force of a magnitude of 9 points and 7, 5, k-ryh most likely to occur as the residual strain seismogravitational and seysmorazryvnogo nature, 2) areas with a force and a magnitude 8 points 6.5-7.0, to-rye spread almost throughout Kyr gyzstana 3) zone with a force less than 8 points and a magnitude of less than 7, a to-Eye assigned only my self northwest. corner of the territory of Kyrgyzstan, located in the lower reaches of the Ak-Suu, Kara-Ball one Aspara. The first type within the North-East Tenir Too sublatitudinally are elongated north-Tenir Tooskaya and south, and located Suusamyr Zhumgalo Teskey-Sky area. North Tenir Tooskaya area including denotes sowing. Kyrgyzskogo slopes of the ridge, Kungey Ala-Too, and their joint – Boom Gorge, part of Chui and Issyk-Kelskoy basins. Suusamyrs Kai area stretches almost along the width of the ridge, and one registered hollow. Within the South-West Tenir Too in these areas include: the band Talas-Fergana fault (with the splitting of its north-west. Of several sub parallel branches), Tara-South Fergana Skye and Yssaro-Kakshaalskaya. Thalasso Skye Fergana zone extends along the same name, and the expansion ma Fergana Range. North-west to the Lena River Naryn Talas-Fergana of the zone to the south-west waste: North Ferghana, and Al-Oynokskaya Chandalashskaya branch. Tarski-Southern Fergana zone, extending to the south-east. closure of the Fergana basin, formed by two overlapping areas: sublatitudinal South Fergana and Tara sat down. – app. strike. Yssaro Kakshaalskaya-zone passes in the extreme south of the country through the Alai, Alai Zaalay ridges and WPA din.

Using their theoretical and methodological development of Kia, the scientists of the Institute of Seismology, National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kyrgyzskoy constructed detailed maps of seismic zoning for a number of important national economic relations territories of the Republic Institute (Chui, Issyk-Kelskoy basins and north of Osh region), as well as the zoning maps of cities, towns and the area under construction.

Create all the above cards will allow builders to plan, stir and construct buildings and structures and, Thus, to minimize the destruction of buildings and human casualties.