In Kyrgyzstan, the camp was attacked at the Exploration riders

Apr 13, 11 In Kyrgyzstan, the camp was attacked at the Exploration riders

In the Talas region of Kyrgyzstan in the exploration camp of Talas Copper Gold attacked by a group of riders, according to K-News.

According to the company, the attack was carried out at the end of last week. At the camp broke into about 10 people on horseback. They were armed with sticks and firebombs. The assailants, according to Reuters, set fire to several buildings and beat the head of security. The victim was hospitalized.

The fact of the attack on the camp confirmed the representative of the local authorities Ruslan Atakanov. A criminal case (in which the article – not confirmed).

Versions of the reasons for the attack nor the company nor the police have not yet put forward.

Talas Copper Gold – a joint venture between the South African Gold Fields Ltd. and British Orsu Metals. In the country it has several licenses for the exploration of gold and other metals.

In Kyrgyzstan, the last year and a half, according to Reuters, there have been several attacks on the offices of foreign mining (gold mining) companies. In particular, the camp Talas Copper Gold became the object of a similar attack in March 2011. According to one version, these incidents may be a manifestation of dissatisfaction with local residents, who fear that the activities of mining companies adversely affect the environment (or unhappy that foreign businessmen employ few members of the local population). On the other hand, as the agency, it seems that the attacks against the interests of local elites are trying to achieve a more favorable (for them) agreements with foreign companies.