In Kyrgyzstan, call prices, the women groups of special purpose

Kyrgyz edition called the cost of services provided by the so-called Obon (special purpose units of women – women's groups, which arrange for compensation scandals at rallies and other mass gatherings). In this resource refers to studies conducted by a representative of civil society Gulzhamal Sultanalieva.

For example, according to the edition, scratched face of this or that policy, obonschitsy may be over five thousand soms (about one hundred dollars). Organize a skirmish is much cheaper – about 600 soms (about $ 12). According Sultanalieva in total for the execution of one order (obviously, it is a complex services) team can earn up to a thousand dollars.

The structure of one unit, as noted, are 20-30 strong vociferous women who interrupt their opponents scream, beat them.

According to Radio Liberty (the local service Radio Liberty), Obon appeared in Kyrgyzstan during the first revolution (Tulip Revolution in 2005, during which overthrew President Askar Akayev). Later – already under the new government – such groups of provocateurs appeared at rallies.

One of the advantages of Obon, used one or another political faction against opponents was that the group consisted of women. The organizers of provocation could count on the fact that male politicians who have been attacked, refrain from having to use force in response.

Some attributed the creation of Usen Sydykov Obon – a former adviser to President Kurmanbek Bakiyev (last – first secretary of Party Committee of Osh).

During the reign of Bakiyev's opposition-leaning filmmaker Dooronbek Sadyrbaev complained that it had established the power of the savage women. They are used, sent to capture White House, land, residences, send Sadyrbaev scratched face, – he noted.