Kyrgyz President denounced the activities of the Russian special services

Jun 01, 11 Kyrgyz President denounced the activities of the Russian special services

Kyrgyz President Atambaev said that during the elections that took place in the country, there is actively working Russian and Kazakh secret services. This statement, as reported by Rosbalt, the head of the republic did in Kyrgyz air TV.

According to Atambayev, foreign intelligence agencies were his game, sponsored by certain forces. If they have so much money on these activities – even give a grant and support us, – the president added.

As for the head of Kyrgyzstan's last remark should be noted that during a recent visit to Moscow, he claimed that Russia had to beg for money is not going to.

Atambayev, as we previously positioned himself as pro-Russian policy. However, during a recent trip to Moscow, he spoke in the media with claims about the Russian military base stationed in Kyrgyzstan. Atambayev said that Russia owes lease payments over four years (the president called the sum of approximately $ 15 million). He hinted that the base (which, according to Kyrgyz president, does not bring the benefit of the country) did turn out to be.

If Russia is willing to help us as our strategic partner – please, we will help. But today we see that this does not help. Some air base is not clear why. Flatters vanity of the Russian generals, do not pay rent, does not fulfill obligations – Atambayev said.

Later in the leadership of the Russian Federation made it clear that the said debt is not accrued for the lease of an air base (which is stationed at Kant – a few dozen kilometers from Bishkek), and the rent of other military facilities of Russia, located in Kyrgyzstan (in the country are also anti-weapons testing base of the Russian Navy , a communication and seismic station SRF). But in any case, the debt the Russian side promised to pay in the coming days.