Room moving and animals

Most people who heard about the move, especially imagine a transport property.
But, speaking of the room moving, you can not get round the issue of the transportation of pets that are available in most apartments. Unfortunately, our pets suffer move much harder than we do – for them it is an extreme situation. It is therefore very important to pay attention to how the least stress to arrange moving pets. Suburbs today – the most frequent destination for Muscovites move, that is, have to overcome quite a distance, so that no harm will provide all the details.

Moving and dog

Take the situation when there is a move Moscow – Moscow. Well, if you have your own car, on which you can transport your pet. In this case, move the dog will not be accompanied by a strong stress, as if it were in an unfamiliar car. Also remember that some dogs could hardly withstand high summer temperatures, so try to carry your dog in the car, opened the window half of her. Learn more about removals company London.

Making the move with pets, do not forget about personal comfort. In order not to expose themselves to unnecessary risks, and a dog, take care of buying a “dog” belt, if the animal is small – you can do a special basket or container, which can be found in any specialty store. That way, you save yourself from unexpected actions frightened dog in the road. It is strictly forbidden to transport a pet in a closed car trunk, the more so that the penetration of exhaust is choking hazard dog.

Today, the majority of companies offering moving services do move with the animals. Transport your pet in this case is accompanied by all the necessary measures stipulated earlier.