Cloud computing

Cloud computing – a technology for distributed computing, in which computing resources and facilities available to the user as an Internet service.

The term “cloud” is used to refer to these technologies as a metaphor. It is based on the fact that the Internet is depicted in computer diagrams as a cloud, behind which is hidden from the client complex infrastructure and all the technical details.

There are three models of the cloud infrastructure consumer: SaaS (Software as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service), IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service).

In each of these models, control and management of the underlying physical and virtual cloud infrastructure, including network, servers, operating systems, types of use, storage is cloud provider. Market SaaS-solutions demonstrate continued growth. According to leading analysts, in the coming years, the rising cost of SaaS will be 4 times greater than the increase in costs for the acquisition of application software in general. According to analysts SaaS-systems will dominate in 2020. Learn more about Accounting software rental.

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Technical Dictionary

Browser (English web browser) – software for viewing web sites, that is, to request Web pages (mostly from the web), processing, output, and the transition from one page to another.

Interface – (English interface – conjugation joint) – a set of informatics tools that provide for communication, interaction between man and computer. In a broader sense, the interface – a link between any two information systems.

Cloud computing (born cloud compuing) – a computer – a model of providing ubiquitous and convenient network access on demand to the total pool of configurable computing resources (eg, data networks, servers, storage, applications and services – both together and separately) that can be rapidly made available and released with minimal operating costs and / or calls to the provider.

Provider – the provider of services, particularly in the information technology and communications.

SaaS (born Software-as-a-Service, Software as a Service) – a model in which the consumer the opportunity to use the application software provider, operating in the cloud and accessible from various client devices.

The server software (English server from the English. To serve – to serve) (plural servers) – in information technology – software component of a computer system that performs service (serving) of the client’s request, giving him access to certain resources or services.

Client (in computer science) – is a hardware or software component of a computer system that sends requests to the server. Program, which is a client-server communications. It may request from the server any data, manipulate the data directly on the server to run on the new server processes, etc. The client program and a server program can run on the same computer or on different computers. In the second case, the exchange of information between them using a network connection.