Music therapy: the sounds of nature and the natural vibration

Oriental doctors have made a rich legacy of sound sensations for medicinal purposes.
In Chinese medicine, the following patterns were discovered effects of speech sounds. From the perspective of Chinese medicine sound:

* “I” blow my nose and treats eye;

* “U” – reinforces the throat and vocal cords;

* “B”, “N”, “M”, “E” – enhances the brain;

* “C”, “K”, “w”, “I” – treats ears;

* “U”, “Y», «X», «B» – improves breathing;

* “O”, “A”, “C”, “M”, “I” – improves heart.

The Indian healing system “Bija Mantras” six sounds “hraam”, “hriim”, “hruum”, “hrayyam”, “hraum”, “hraa” and the magic sound of “ol <" used to treat many diseases. Vibrations that arise in the body in pronunciation and singing of these mantras, led to recovery. Learn more about sounds of nature free.

Mantra. In Sanskrit, “man” means the mind, “tra” – liberation. Mantras are called special sound of prayer formulas, trigger the body’s resonant vibrations and lead man to the altered state of consciousness. Since the entire world is permeated surrounding man sorts vibrations from movements of the planets and ending biocurrents brain, creating and controlling these vibrations, the man is able to influence with them as myself and others.

So, the mantra “hraam” prescribed for lung diseases. She helped to get rid of diseases such as asthma, bronchitis, tuberculosis.

Long sound “and” in the mantra “hriim” stimulates the throat, nose and heart. Repetition of sound combinations clears the respiratory tract and the digestive tract.