Mar 21, 11 Holidays


January 1 – New Year

January 7 – Orthodox Christmas

January 8 – Ait Orozo

March 8 – International Women's Day

March 21 – Nooruz

March 26 – Kurman Ait

May 1 – International Labour Day

May 5 – Constitution Day

May 9 – Victory Day

August 31 – Independence Day


Day of Housing 3 Sunday in March

Geologist Day 1 Sunday in April

Day of statistics, the last Sunday in April Day of due May 7

Day of Fisheries a Sunday in June

Day of Light Industry 2 Sunday in June

Day of Water Resources 3rd Sunday in June

Lawyer Day last Sunday of June

Day of the employee tax July 1

Health Professionals' Day first Sunday of July

Day of the Service Employees 3rd Sunday in July

Day of the forest Sunday 3 September

Machinist's Day last Sunday in September

Day of the employee social security and trade unions on October 19

Day of Diplomatic Service October 24

Day of Culture on November 2

Farmer's Day Saturday November 1

Day of the defense organization of the last Sunday in November

Day of Television and Radio December 8

Day of economic and financial staff December 10