Kyrgyz MPs have defended the prosecution of the pugnacious colleague

Jun 24, 11 Kyrgyz MPs have defended the prosecution of the pugnacious colleague

In the Kyrgyz parliamentary commission rejected the Prosecutor General, who asked to withdraw immunity from Kamchibek Tashiyev deputy accused of beating a colleague. It is reported by AKI.

The Commission stated that the investigation of this case by the prosecution were allowed to procedural violations. In addition, according to news agency, Tashiev colleagues referred to the fact that he had made peace with the beaten Bahadir Suleymanov. In general, according to the commission, the grounds for removal of immunity to Tashiyev not.

Kamchibek Tashiev is one of the leaders of the party Ata-Jurt (Fatherland) and directs the fraction of the same name in the Kyrgyz parliament. Faction is a member of the ruling coalition, although recently its relations with the alliance partners have deteriorated.

The conflict between Tashiev and within his faction Suleymanov occurred on March 31. It was reported that the leader of the faction demanded from a colleague that he has handed over the mandate, and the refusal to hear – beat him. Suleymanov was hospitalized due to a concussion. He wrote on Tashiyev statement to the police.

The leader of the faction argued that a colleague did not hit. According to him, they spoke in a raised voice, a little knock.

In connection with an event at Tashiyev was a criminal case. However, to bring him to justice the police could not because of parliamentary immunity.

The leader of the party Ata-Jurt also published an appeal to the people, in which he stated that the case against him was fabricated. According Tashiyev, he was the victim of persecution by the authorities, fearing (as suggested by deputy) of his intention to become president.

Reconciliation and Tashiyev Suleymanova occurred on June 30. Tashiev colleagues asked for forgiveness, he received an apology.

Earlier, the leader of the Ata-Jurt got into a fight with a colleague from the Republic party Altynbek Sulaimanov. Later, the participants also made up a fight.