Convicted Bakiyev's brother escaped

Aug 02, 11 Convicted Bakiyev's brother escaped

The younger brother of deposed President Kurmanbek Bakiyev Achmat, who was serving a sentence in a penal colony in Bishkek, escaped. It is reported with reference to the statement of the State Service of Corrections.

According to authorities, 24 January 2012 Akmatov Bakiyev was hospitalized with pneumonia, he was taken to the city hospital number six. February 6, he was transferred to a private medical center in Bishkek.

As noted in the GSIN, while the ex-president's brother was treated, his daily check of the colony members. According to the magazine inspections, March 3, the convicted was not there. In this regard, Ahmad Bakiyev was wanted. Orientation it was sent to the Ministry of Interior, State Committee of National Security of the country and border troops.

In GSIN stressed that Ahmad Bakiyev was in the hospital without a guard (she did not want to convict, serving a term in a penal colony).

According to Interfax a source in the State committee of national security information that Ahmad Bakiyev crossed the border, yet.

Recall that the August 5, 2011 in Jalal-Abad city court sentenced the younger brother of former Kyrgyz leader to seven years in maximum security colony. Ahmad was accused Bakiyev of the eleven articles of the Criminal Code. In particular, he was accused of organizing mass riots in southern Kyrgyzstan in May-June 2010, fraud and incitement of ethnic hatred (we are talking about inter-ethnic conflict between Kyrgyz and living in the south of ethnic Uzbeks, which occurred a month after the coup in Kyrgyzstan, in Then the riots killed over four hundred people.)

Soon, however, Ahmad Bakiyev came under amnesty – is reflected in the fact that his sentence was reduced by one third. By decision of the court was transferred to a colony-settlement.

Kurmanbek Bakiyev is now in Belarus, its leadership refuses to extradite ex-president of the new authorities of Kyrgyzstan. After the overthrow of Bakiyev in the country was also convicted him nephew of Sanjar (he was sentenced to ten years in prison for organizing the unrest, and illegal weapons possession and assault on government officials).