In Bishkek, dismantled the Statue of Liberty

Aug 07, 11 In Bishkek, dismantled the Statue of Liberty

On the night of July 29 in the center of Bishkek was dismantled Statue of Liberty (Erkindik). Reported K-News. In its place, Kyrgyz authorities decided to erect a monument athlete Manas – the hero of the national epic.

Dismantling began around 23:00 and ended only in the morning. According to the agency, the statue will be taken to the warehouse until the Office of Capital Construction. In the future, the authorities plan to install it in another place (where it is – not yet defined).

Pictures from the scene can be found here.

This past night at the Ala-Too Square, where there was a statue, came a small group of civic activists who disagree with the decision of the authorities. However, the action, as reported by, was thwarted by aggressive people, headed by the leaders of the movement Ak-Shumkar kut. They were tearing at opponents with leaflets proclaiming I disagree and threaten them with violence. It had to leave the area .

Statue of Erkindik, made of copper, stood in the center of Bishkek since the mid-2000s. She put on the spot where formerly stood the monument to Vladimir Lenin.

Change the Statue of Liberty Monument at Manas, the Kyrgyz authorities have decided to mark the anniversary of independence (which will be celebrated at the end of August). Member of Parliament Egemberdiev Ermatov said on this occasion that the current statue does not personify the unity of the nation, but the Manas – a hero who fought for all the years of independence of the Kirghiz. At the disposal of the Government of the Republic on the occasion said that the decision was made to promote awareness among the citizens of Kyrgyzstan, especially among the youth, high ideals of national unity, signs the unconditional spiritual guidance to facilitate a dynamic advancement of the country to prosperity and progress.

Not far from the monument Manas is also planned to erect a monument to Chingiz Aitmatov. The total cost of sculpture, as reported, is estimated at 28 million soms (about 627,000 dollars). The Kyrgyz authorities asked the citizens to participate in the financing of the project, relevant letters were also sent the country's leading companies.