Kyrgyz MP has threatened to ban interviews with leaders of organized crime groups

Aug 09, 11 Kyrgyz MP has threatened to ban interviews with leaders of organized crime groups

Member of Parliament of Kyrgyzstan, the leader of the party Ata-Meken (Fatherland) Tekebayev criticized domestic media for what they are interviewing the leaders of organized crime groups. The parliamentarian, as reported by K-News, said that if journalists do not stop this kind of publication, in an interview with the criminal authorities to put an official ban.

Tekebayev said that such bans are abroad. What responsibility, according to the deputy, should be introduced to the journalists of offending, he said.

The leader of the Ata-Meken referred to a recent interview with the crime boss Maksat Abakirovym known by the nickname Diver. Material published Kyrgyz newspaper Achyk Sayasat (translation was published resource Gezitter – Parts 1 and 2).

In an interview Abakirov outlined his views on crime (in particular he said that the small criminals should be treated with understanding), and also expressed support for the candidature of the Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan Almaz Atambaev in the upcoming presidential election (Will draw the work of a man who respects people and the fear of God – said of him diver ). At the same time Abakirov not support the rumors that his freedom he must Atambayev (supposedly Prime released the authority of the prison, that he has provided some support for him in the election).

Tekebayev, as reported by AKI, said that diver in his home village lives like a king. According to the deputy, the crime boss' s fenced barrier and lets just [that] someone wants to. A national media asking him questions and are interested in his opinion, at the same time promote its activities – outraged MP.

Maksat Abakirov a former associate of the most powerful crime boss Ryspek Akmatbayev Kyrgyzstan. In July 2011 he was convicted for possession of weapons. However, in August, Diver was released under an amnesty marking the anniversary of independence. The Interior Ministry of Kyrgyzstan confirmed that Abakirov is the leader of one of the Kyrgyz organized crime groups.

Earlier, the leader of the Ata-Meken has pioneered the introduction of criminal responsibility for promoting criminal culture.