Otunbayeva nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize

Aug 14, 11 Otunbayeva nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize

Diplomatic Academy of Kyrgyzstan's interim president has put forward Rosa Otunbayeva for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2012. It is reported by AKI.

The academy said the decision on the nomination of Otunbayeva was adopted on 29 November at the meeting of the Academic Council.

Supporters of awarding Otunbayeva described it as the leader of the people's democratic revolution, which led to the overthrow of an authoritarian regime. They also argue that the wave of revolutions in countries in Africa and the Middle East, it was provoked by last year's uprising in Kyrgyzstan.

Otunbayeva itself has previously stated that the Kyrgyz revolution has become a phenomenon in recent history, and the Republic itself – an example for other countries.

The academy also praised the interim president for the courage, fortitude and selflessness. Supporters of the nomination for the Nobel Prize Otunbayeva believe that thanks to her in the country approved a long-awaited social and political stability, peace and harmony, there is a consolidation of civil society.

Otunbayeva led the republic after the April uprising in 2010, which resulted from the post of President of Kyrgyzstan Kurmanbek Bakiyev was overthrown. In collisions at the house of the Kyrgyz government killed dozens of people. The revolt was accompanied by a wave of looting in Bishkek, the seizure of land and redistribution of property in various parts of Kyrgyzstan.

A few months after the revolution in the south of Kyrgyzstan, massacres and ethnic clashes in which hundreds of people died (most of the victims were ethnic Uzbeks). To stop the riots in the early stages of the authorities failed.

Commenting on the recent results of their work, Otunbayeva, as reported by K-News, said that this government is not ashamed before the people. Interim President, according to AKI, also noted that she has a sense of satisfaction the work done over the past year and a half.

Otunbayeva stop acting president on December 1. Her place will be the recently elected as the head of the republic, a former member of the provisional government Atambaev.