In Kyrgyzstan, the president pardoned the failed

Aug 28, 11 In Kyrgyzstan, the president pardoned the failed

In Kyrgyzstan, released a businessman and former candidate for the presidency Urmat Baryktabasov, convicted of a march to Bishkek, which he founded together with his associates in 2010. It is reported by AKI. Baryktabasov released under an amnesty.

Conclusion (including preliminary), he served in the prison of the State Committee of National Security. According to the original sentence, the businessman had to spend in jail for four years.

Attorney Baryktabasov Zhamankulov Zhunusov told the news agency, that he would seek a full justification for its customers. Lawyer, as reported, also said that politics is no longer engaged Baryktabasov going.

Urmat Baryktabasov in the past engaged in supplying fuel to Kyrgyzstan. According to local press, as early as 1991 he was a dollar millionaire. Shortly before the Tulip Revolution in 2005 created the oligarch opposition political movement, and later made an unsuccessful attempt to run for president. The authorities then refused to register Baryktabasov (because of his citizenship of Kazakhstan), in response to fellow businessman briefly seized the government building. Rebels eventually broke up, and the tycoon had left the republic.

Baryktabasov returned to Kyrgyzstan in the summer of 2010, shortly after a coup in the country. He tried to organize in Bishkek kurultai (national gathering) – ostensibly to discuss the situation in the country. On the appointed day – August 5 – the homeland businessman (of the Issyk-Kul region) to the capital with supporters of the convoy moved tycoon (with them, reportedly drove himself Baryktabasov).

The Kyrgyz authorities have received information that these people are driven by their arms. In this regard, the column was stopped. Supporters tried to break through the cordon Baryktabasov, but were driven back, and then dispersed (with the security forces used tear gas and rubber bullets). Leadership of the republic declared then that the tycoon and his entourage set out to organize a coup.

In April 2011 Baryktabasov and several of his supporters were convicted. At the same accusations in an attempt to seize power from them eventually removed. The businessman was found guilty only on the article about the illegal possession and transportation of weapons.