In Kyrgyzstan, defendants brought a loud case of the murder

Aug 30, 11 In Kyrgyzstan, defendants brought a loud case of the murder

In Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan extradited from the three defendants in high-profile case of the murder of former head of presidential administration Medet Sadyrkulov and several others. It is reported by AKI.

The agency calls them names: Kadyrbek Dawson, nicknamed Jango, and Genghis Sydyk Borbúa Dzhumagulov nicknamed lanky. All of them are citizens of Kyrgyzstan.

Earlier, the Kyrgyz government announced them to the international wanted list. In Tajikistan, the suspects were arrested on September 14. In the Kyrgyz international airport Manas they were taken under escort regular passenger flight from Dushanbe.

Medet Sadyrkulov supervised the administration of President of Kyrgyzstan from 2007 to early 2009 (a republic at that time led Kurmanbek Bakiyev.) He was considered a gray eminence who had great influence on the president.

In March 2009, shortly after his resignation, Sadyrkulov died. First official version reads that he was the victim of an accident, which killed and his two companions (their bodies were found in a burnt-out car). The culprit has been declared a disaster Omurbek Osmonov. He was sentenced to 12 years in prison, the punishment Osmonov served in a penal colony. In the spring of 2010 he was killed.

After the coup of 2010, which resulted in Bakiyev was deposed and fled the country, the new government declared that Sadyrkulov was the victim of an accident is not, and premeditated murder. The customer has been declared the brother of ex-president president's brother, who led the State Security Service (in this case alleged that the perpetrators of the crime, as were involved and representatives of the underworld). According to the present version, Sadyrkulov was killed for what was about to go into opposition.

In the present version, voiced by Kyrgyz security forces, the criminals first killed Sadyrkulov and his companions, and then left their bodies in the car and set fire to it in order to stage a car accident.

In the Interior Ministry also said that with Omurbek Osmonov murdered underworld representatives, acting on the instructions of the organizers of the assassination of Sadyrkulov. Extradited from Tajikistan defendants suspected of involvement in just for this episode (murder Osmonov). .