In Kyrgyzstan, commemorative banners will be removed from the middle finger

Sep 02, 11 In Kyrgyzstan, commemorative banners will be removed from the middle finger

Kyrgyz authorities have decided to stop the demonstration of social advertising, 2011, authored by Sultan Bokonbayev. It is reported by AKI.

Officials said that one of the gestures depicted in the poster violates the norms of morality and the law On Advertising. What kind of concrete gesture in question, the report did not say. However, we can assume that we are talking about the elongated middle finger.

Work Bokonbaeva 2011 won the competition photographers and designers' independent Kyrgyzstan in 2011, which was held in August and was dedicated to the 20th anniversary of independence. As reported K-News, and some of her other successful works presented at the competition, it was decided to place in the form of banners in all regions of Kyrgyzstan. According to project coordinator Alina Matvienko, a project of the means of Kyrgyz artists and photographers.

Bokonbayev himself described his placard read. The picture shows the fingers in 2011. Used a combination of all well known. Everyone understands the 20th anniversary of the independence of Kyrgyzstan in its own way.

How many banners with pictures had been posted to date is not specified. From the publication of the agency, it follows that the public service ads until distributed only in Bishkek.

With respect to claims for work 2011 State agency acted antitrust regulation. They stated that the PSAs does not conform to the law On advertising and that its distribution is subject to termination. The Office has instructed the authorities to take necessary measures in Bishkek.

Recently, criticism has become another poster competition dedicated to the independence of Kyrgyzstan – the work of Arthur Boldzhurova depicting three yurts under the flags of the United States, Russia and China. Against it, as reported by TV company Mir, delivered, in particular, the youth organization Ak kyzmat (Honest Service). She accused the author of insulting the dignity of the Kyrgyz people and contempt for independence. The editor of the local newspaper Osh Shamy Turgunbai Adakulov banners called antiideologicheskimi and said that they should be removed from the streets. Last week, activists, according to the TV, tore and burned the posters. Police are reported, they do not interfere.