On the pugnacious Kyrgyz deputy brought the case on hooliganism

Sep 04, 11 On the pugnacious Kyrgyz deputy brought the case on hooliganism

With respect to the Kyrgyz parliament deputy Kamchibek Tashiyev prosecuted for hooliganism reports Go. The reason for this was the statement of another deputy, Bahadir Suleymanova, claiming that he beat Tashiev.

Information about the institution of proceedings against Tashiyev previously figured in the Kyrgyz media. In this case, however, did not specify what kind of article of the Criminal Code of qualified deputy.

Kamchibek Tashiev is one of the leaders of the party Ata-Jurt (Fatherland), he also leads the faction Ata-Jurt in the parliament of Kyrgyzstan.

The conflict between Tashiev and within his faction deputy Suleymanov occurred on March 31. It was reported that the leader of the faction demanded that his colleague has passed the parliamentary mandate, but he refused. After that, the agency 24.kg, Tashiev was beaten Suleymanova. As a result, he was hospitalized with a concussion.

Later Suleymanov wrote on Tashiyev statement to the police. Journalists, he said that serious fears for his safety. The leader of the faction, for its part, argues that a colleague did not hit. Yes, we were talking in a raised voice, a little knock. Nevertheless, no injuries have Bahadir Suleymanova is no question. It's a lie, – he said. The MP added that he was ready to answer the questions the prosecutor's office.

Meanwhile, the day after the conflict with Tashiev Suleymanov, while in Parliament, had a fight with a deputy from the Republic party Altynbek Sulaimanov. Passions ran high in the parliament after the speech, the former Attorney General, speaking accusations against the government. Against this background, the deputy of the Republic recalled that a colleague of the Ata-Jurt was going to leave the ruling coalition. Between Tashiev and Sulaimanov, as reported, Fergana, there was a squabble, quickly developed into a fight. Later, however, members of the brawl, according to the video portal, Stan-TV, made up and shook hands.

The party Ata-Jurt is part of the ruling coalition with the Republic and the Social Democratic Party of Kyrgyzstan. Meanwhile, in recent Tashiev and his colleagues have expressed willingness to leave the coalition, they were also made for the resignation of the leader of the Republic Omurbek Babanov to the post of first deputy prime minister.