Kyrgyz minister resigned at the request of the protesters

Sep 06, 11 Kyrgyz minister resigned at the request of the protesters

In Kyrgyzstan, resigned Minister of State Property Nurdin Ilebaev, according to news agency According to the agency, this decision due to the protracted conflict over state-owned Kyrgyzneftegaz for control of a struggling two leaders.

Dismissal Ilebaeva as reported Edition, was one of the requirements of the protesters (the supporters of one of the contenders for the leadership of the company – Kanybek Masirova), which blocked the morning of May 31 the strategic highway Bishkek-Osh. They also insist that the other contender for the management of the company – Keneshbek Masire – was removed from the leadership.

The Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan Almaz Atambayev resignation of the minister took. According to AKI, the Prime Minister, speaking at the meeting criticized the work of the Ministry of State Property and the Ministry of Natural Resources, expressing the view that their mistakes have led to an unstable Kyrgyzneftegaz. Minister of Natural Resources in connection with this reprimand.

The conflict over Kyrgyzneftegaz has been going on for several months. In fact, in the company, as noted above, dual power was established. One part of the company supports Kanybek Masirova, who headed the Kyrgyzneftegaz after the April uprising in 2010, while others favor Keneshbek Masirova, who was later appointed head of the company's shareholders' decision.

The first group is considered part of the appointment of new director of the secret plan to privatize the company, in which it may be under the control of the ruling parties in Kyrgyzstan.

The supporters of both leaders have repeatedly staged protests.

Reacting to today's meeting, Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan introduced in external management company, appointing an external manager (some Jenishbek Dzhumasheva) and suspending the powers of the board of directors. Dzhumashev, however, then stated, withdraws from his office, because it demands very different team.

The protesters, on the other hand, some time ago, unblocked the road to let accumulated traffic. But then again the track was blocked. According to AKI, the protesters did not agree with the decision to appoint an external manager and insist that the head of the company was approved Kanybek Masire.