Released details of the murder of ex-head of the Bakiyev administration

Sep 11, 11 Released details of the murder of ex-head of the Bakiyev administration

Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kyrgyzstan announced the results of the investigation into the murder Medet Sadyrkulov – the former head of presidential administration. It is reported by AKI. The information was released at a press conference on 14 September, which was conducted Interior Minister Zarylbek Rysaliev.

The minister said that organized crime brother of the then President of Kyrgyzstan president's brother, who led at the time of the State Guard Service. According to the investigation, which leads the agency K-News, in March 2009 the car in which rode Sadyrkulov and his two companions, was detained by CDF. After that, they allegedly took the detainees to the country, Kurmanbek Temirbayev (who was deputy chief of staff) and was killed there. Sadyrkulov, according to Interior Minister, was strangled in the presence of Zhanysh Bakiyev.

Then criminals took the body on the road, left them in the car and set fire to it, so as to stage an accident.

According to the agency referring to the Interior Ministry, of the direct perpetrators arrested two men. One – the former head of OCD Interior Aibek Abdrazakov – is wanted.

According to investigators, Sadyrkulov was killed for having clashed with President Bakiyev and intended to go into opposition.

Results in the case of triple murder arrested 17 persons.

Medet Sadyrkulov supervised administration of Kurmanbek Bakiev from 2007 until early 2009. He was considered a gray eminence of the president, who had great influence on the president.

Sadyrkulov died in March 2009, shortly after his resignation. Under the original version, he was killed in an accident: in the Lexus, which drove the former head of the Bakiyev administration and his two companions, ran a Omurbek Osmonov to Audi. The press speculated that Sadyrkulov was the victim of assassination, but official development they have received.

Osmonov, who was considered responsible for the death of Sadyrkulov, was sentenced to 12 years in prison. The punishment, he served in a penal colony. Less than a year after the verdict he was killed: unknown inflicted 11 stab wounds. The Interior Ministry is now argue that it dealt with the representatives of the underworld, acting on the instructions of the organizers of the assassination of Sadyrkulov.