Kyrgyz kingpin caught in the Emirates

Sep 22, 11 Kyrgyz kingpin caught in the Emirates

In Abu Dhabi, arrested one of the most powerful crime bosses Kyrgyzstan kingpin Kamchibek Kolbay, as well as his accomplice Almambet Anapiyaev. This was reported referring to the natives of Kyrgyzstan, residing in the United Arab Emirates.

The Interior Ministry of Kyrgyzstan confirmed the information about the detentions (not saying the truth, details). The representative office Kalybek Satybaldiev said that an official inquiry about Kolbayev Anapiyaeva and has already been sent to police the UAE. Once we get an official response, we will immediately demand the extradition of the detainees, – he added.

According to unofficial information, which is transferred from the UAE agency sources, in the house Kolbayev were found forged documents, as well as jewelery stolen recently in one of the shops in Abu Dhabi.

Kamchibek Kolbay in 2002 was convicted of assault on another crime boss – Ryspek Akmatbaev. Some time later, he escaped from prison and was wanted. But then the prosecutor's office ordered the police to stop searching, referring to the amnesty in connection with the adoption of a new constitution. Later, in 2008, was made a judgment on which was considered Kolbay released on parole.

Once again Kolbayev declared on the wanted list at the beginning of 2011. This was done in a campaign to combat crime, which was announced by the Kyrgyz authorities. Formally Kolbayev sought in connection with the fact that the previous court decision concerning the parole was revoked.

However, in June Chu regional court overturned the ruling, according to which the kingpin is wanted. The Interior Ministry of Kyrgyzstan expressed dissatisfaction with this decision. A similar position was taken and the prosecutor who filed a complaint with the Supreme Court.

In early 2011, the Interior Ministry of Kyrgyzstan stated that Kolbay with the criminal gang led Anapiyaevym strength of 150-180 people. Local press reported that the OPG operates in a small home Kolbayev (Issyk-Kul region), as well as in the Chui region and in the southern part of the country.

Kolbay recently gained international fame: the beginning of June, U.S. President Barack Obama included it in the list of international drug traffickers. The lawyer representing the interests of Kolbayev in Kyrgyzstan, described the decision as unjustified (lawyer noted that neither Kyrgyzstan nor in other countries, charges related to drugs, his client is not shown).