The Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan took the lead in the presidential election

Oct 18, 11 The Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan took the lead in the presidential election

Kyrgyz Prime Minister Almaz Atambayev leader in the presidential elections after the counting of 1.42 per cent of the vote, RIA Novosti reported with reference to the Central Election Commission of Kyrgyzstan. According to preliminary data from 33 of the 2318 plots, Atambayev gaining 74.49 percent of the vote.

In second place was former Minister of Emergency Situations, the leader of the party Ata-Jurt / Fatherland Kamchibek Tashiev with 12.95 percent of the vote. The third result at the moment, the former speaker of the Kyrgyz parliament Adahan Madumarov, for which 7.73 percent of the electorate voted. As expected, the main contenders in the elections was to turn it among the three candidates, all in the election involved 16 candidates for president.

According to IA REGNUM, turnout in presidential elections in Kyrgyzstan totaled 51.96 percent, for a total of voting was 1.534 million. (Interfax, also referring to the Central Election Commission, reports that the turnout was about 60 percent.) Supervisors and the Kyrgyz authorities felt that the elections were held without major disturbances.

Earlier it was reported that some have come to the polls the people of Kyrgyzstan do not find yourself in the list, but for the assurances given by the Central Election Commission of Kyrgyzstan Ishenbai Kadyrbekov, the issue was promptly resolve. I myself was engaged in the lists, after receiving complaints, we quickly raised the lists and we have been able to find there most of those who complained that their names not there – was quoted as saying RIA Novosti.

According to Interfax, due to confusion with lists and other violations of several presidential candidates from the opposition demanded an Kyrgyz Central Election Commission to resign. The CEC did not provide for the holding of elections, preparing them disgusting and they are held to the massive violations – said one of the presidential candidates, former Attorney General of Kyrgyzstan Kubatbek Baibolov.

For claims joined Madumarov, who said that the number did not find themselves in the voters' lists was hundreds of thousands. This confusion and chaos, we did not know – he said.

Earlier, the Interior Ministry of Kyrgyzstan stated that the elections were reported isolated cases of attempts to bribe voters. In addition, according to news agency REGNUM, at a polling station in a skirmish, but the details of this incident are unknown.

Election of the President of Kyrgyzstan will be recognized as valid in any case, as by law they have no turnout. If none of the candidates on the basis of the counting of all ballots will not gain more than 50 percent of the vote, held the second round of elections.