In Kyrgyzstan, the Russian-speaking journalist accused of inciting hatred

Oct 20, 11 In Kyrgyzstan, the Russian-speaking journalist accused of inciting hatred

The State Committee of National Security of Kyrgyzstan has accused the Russian-speaking journalist Vladimir Farafonova having a Kyrgyz citizen, of inciting ethnic hatred. This, according to Fergana said the journalist.

According Farafonova, in January, he was charged under Article 299 of the Criminal Code of the Republic (inciting national, racial or religious hatred), and mid-February, the criminal case was transferred to the General Prosecutor of the Republic. The journalist claims that Kyrgyz security officials threatened to send him to prison for 48 years.

Confirmation or refutation of the claim to the Farafonova from law enforcement authorities of Kyrgyzstan has not yet been reported.

According to the journalist, the reason for the initiation of the case were his article posted on the website Russian Unity. What specific phrases were considered to be inciting hatred, is not specified.

The portal Russian unity in the name of Vladimir Farafonova published articles on presidential elections in Kyrgyzstan, the Russian Cossacks, the national conflicts in the country. In the article, How in Kyrgyzstan are trying to find a formula for national reconciliation, stated, inter alia, that the bulk of the population in a state of hopeless ignorance and that the country is turning into a community marginal beggars on the side of the world civilization.

Claims of security forces in the address Farafonov rejects. According to him, local media are not responsible for the nationalist speeches, and he (Farafonova) authorities want to make a exemplary chastisement. Journalist appeals for support to the international community of reason, saying that he would be in danger of Kyrgyz Inquisition.

Earlier outrage at the articles Farafonova expressed kirgizoyazychnaya media (newspapers, Jany Agym and Kyr Ruhu). The object of criticism was, in particular, the article Wine of Kyrgyzstan, published under the name Vladimir Farafonov on site CentrAsia (later the article was removed from the resource, but it can be found in the cache, Google). The publication, in particular, argued that the state in Kyrgyzstan, and that there is no titular population in the republic, the presumption of innocence, the right to kill nekyrgyzov. Jany Agym called the article nonsense and rotten words, the author had called a bastard. Kyr Ruhu, in turn, said that the article published on behalf of the Farafonova, are part of a system of advocacy activities against national security in Kyrgyzstan.

Farafonov later responded to criticism (his answer was posted at, which publishes translations of articles kirgizoyazychnoy press), stating that the Kyrgyz Russian media degrades, and advising him to pray for Russia, which remains the guarantor of the existence of at least some of the Kyrgyz statehood.