Kirghiz encouraged to do sabotage on U.S. air base

Oct 23, 11 Kirghiz encouraged to do sabotage on U.S. air base

In the Kyrgyz media outlets received a petition on behalf of a committee of the Muslim resistance in Kyrgyzstan, which requires immediate expel U.S. airbase. It is reported The authors call for the treatment of acts of sabotage, as well as the massacre of American soldiers.

Those Kyrgyz who work on the basis of (a civilian), Committee of Resistance offers to spoil the instruments, equipment rack, diluted kerosene – to do all that they [the Americans] have gone from our land.

The authors called the treatment of American soldiers invaders and occupiers (stating that those waging war against our Muslim brothers in Afghanistan and Iraq, are preparing a strike on Iran and Syria).

President of Kyrgyzstan Atambaev, who wanted to evict the base by 2014, Committee of Resistance, warns that waiting so long is not going to. We say to President Atambayev – thou hast gathered base or do you immediately, or we will remove you! – Quoted treatment CentrAsia.

The appeal was signed by several names (also referred to a petition several Kyrgyz cities, people who are obviously members of the Committee). notes that before the organization called Committee of the Muslim resistance in Kyrgyzstan was not known. As suggested by an expert theologian, Malikov, it is not linked to international terrorist organizations. By analyzing the text of their statements, we can conclude that these people are not an expert in Islam. They are not ready for the attacks and said the poisoning of Americans, diluted kerosene, etc., – says the expert. – This is not serious. According to Malikov, it probably is a provocation, an attempt to intimidate the population.

The American air base in Kyrgyzstan operates since 2001. It is located at the airport Manas, a few dozen kilometers from Bishkek.

The base used to support the coalition forces in Afghanistan. In early 2009, Kyrgyz authorities (then led the Republic Kurmanbek Bakiev) announced their intention to get rid of this object. According to the extended version, they took this decision due to the fact that they had received financial aid from Russia. However, the base was never closed. In the summer of 2009 it was renamed the Transit Center, and its functions remained virtually unchanged. After the change of power in the new leadership of Kyrgyzstan announced that the base would be closed by 2014.

By the presence of military facility Kyrgyzstan annually receives tens of millions of dollars. In 2011, as reported by Kabar listed in the base of the republican budget of about $ 150 million.

In early 2012, rallies were held in Bishkek, demanding an urgent basis to withdraw from the territory of the republic. This requirement is also supported by the parliamentary opposition. However, the majority in parliament, according to RIA Novosti, refused to consider this issue.