Mother of the Kyrgyz authority warned about the invasion of saboteurs in the U.S.

Oct 27, 11 Mother of the Kyrgyz authority warned about the invasion of saboteurs in the U.S.

Mother of the Kyrgyz mafia boss Kamchibek Kolbayev made an appeal to the leadership of the republic. She expressed her frustration that her son had been included in the list of major drug traffickers, compiled in the USA, and suggested that this situation creates a threat to Kyrgyzstan. Treatment Agency has published

The decision to include Kolbayev in the black list of the recently adopted U.S. President Barack Obama. Hit in the list to a man whom U.S. authorities deemed a major foreign drug lord, means that his account (if they show up in the U.S.) will be frozen. In addition, Americans are prohibited from doing business with that person.

Mother Kolbayev meanwhile saw in the actions of American military intervention training. In the future the U.S. will saboteurs into Kyrgyzstan and conduct military raid on a search of the country. They are not limited to the destruction of individual leaders … – she said.

Previously, a similar version of the nominated Kyrgyz newspaper Casati Chung (translation of the article was published on At the same time she used almost the same wording. In the future the U.S. will saboteurs into Kyrgyzstan, hold a deep raid on a search of the country, is not confined to the destruction of the leaders of the Mafia … – the newspaper. The publication notes that such a scenario, may be over Avatar (obviously, comparing the above scenario with the invasion of people on the planet Pandora in the movie Avatar).

Mother Kolbayev in his speech criticized the leadership of Kyrgyzstan (assuming that the U.S. actions in relation to her son agreed with the authorities of the republic). At the same time, it asks for help to prevent drug dealers from the list Kolbayev.

Together with the mother's treatment of authority the agency also issued a statement to his lawyer Ikramidina Aytkulova. He argues that the charges of drug trafficking, addressed to his client are unfounded. According to the lawyer in respect of Kamchibek Kolbayev no criminal cases related to drug trafficking.

Kamchibek Kolbay considered one of the most powerful crime bosses in Kyrgyzstan. According to the Interior Ministry, of the OPG, which is led by his colleague and Kolbay Almambet Anapiyaev include 150-180 people.

In the early 2000s Kolbay was convicted of assault on another crime boss – Ryspek Akmatbaev. He subsequently escaped from prison and for a time was wanted (and later search for the fugitive had been discontinued, it was reported that he fell under the amnesty, held in connection with the adoption of a new constitution). In the summer of 2010 (shortly after the regime change in Kyrgyzstan) Kolbay was briefly detained in Bishkek (he was released after preventive talks). In early 2011 he again declared wanted. This was announced by the authorities in the campaign against crime.