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Water Posted by on Mar 12, 2012

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In Kyrgyzstan, the case was brought beca...

In Kyrgyzstan, the case was brought because of the books on the June riots Posted by on Sep 29, 2011

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Kyrgyz MPs have decided to fully nationa...

Kyrgyz MPs have decided to fully nationalize the MegaCom Posted by on Nov 13, 2011

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State authorities

Jan 14, 12 State authorities

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President Kyrgyzskoy Republic is the head of the state, the highest official of Kyrgyzskoy, the guarantor of the Constitution, the symbol of the unity of the people and state. authorities as well as the rights and freedoms of man and citizen. It defines the main directions of domestic and foreign policy, and is the official...

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Social policy

Jan 12, 12 Social policy

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Social development of the republic is inseparable from the state of mo Nat. economy. The level of the economy determines the measure of social opportunities Nosta state. Social sector remains a priority, despite the difficulties of definiteness in the economic development of the public res. The share of costs from the state. budget...

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Naryn oblast

Jan 10, 12 Naryn oblast

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The region is located in the south-east of Kyrgyzstan, was first established November 21, 1939, entitled Tien-Shan region. December 30, 1962 the area was disbanded and its districts of republican subordination entered. At rynskaya area was re-formed 11 of December 1970. October 5, 1988 was reunited with the Issyk-Kelskoy area,...

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Jan 07, 12 State

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On the historical path of Kirghiz people, although it was formed by our consciousness, Nat. language and culture, had his own land, to-Rui know other people are not always able to have a centralized state. authority. For centuries, the tribes were to-rye in its composition, lived on their own. They joined together and fought...

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